Felony DUI Charges In Colorado Have Arrived

Until recently, Colorado used to be one of only a few states left in the country that did not have felony charges available for people arrested for DUI with multiple prior DUI convictions.

In August 2015, Colorado's first felony DUI law went into effect, which makes a driver's fourth conviction and all subsequent convictions for DUI a felony offense, carrying much harsher penalties than misdemeanor DUI offenses. When dealing with changing laws that could have a severe effect on your life, you need an experienced advocate on your side like lawyer Brian B. Boal, who represents clients in Colorado Springs, Pueblo County, Teller County, Summit County, and in counties up and down the Front Range.

What Colorado's New Law Means for Your Case

Until the new law went into effect, repeat DUI charges in Colorado were always misdemeanors, carrying a jail sentence for repeat offenders of no more than one year per DUI conviction. The new law, however, carries with it a permanent felony conviction with a potential prison sentence of up to six years.

Many of the bill's opponents argued the bill did not do enough to help repeat offenders get help for substance abuse problems. The bill does have language regarding helping some offenders receive treatment.

In addition to prison, a fourth drunk driving conviction will also carry with it the potential for up to $500,000 in fines. Moreover, prior convictions did not have to occur in Colorado to count towards a felony DUI under Colorado's new law.

When the stakes are this high, you need an attorney on your side who understands the criminal justice system and how best to fight for your freedom and defend you in court. Brian Boal will personally work with you to identify and develop defense strategies that work best for your case.

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