Defense for Your Child Against Underage DUI Charges

Children make mistakes along the way to adulthood. Being in college and away from parents increases many teens' likelihood of taking risks that have serious, life-changing consequences. Unfortunately, drunk driving is often one of those risks.

A charge of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or drugs (DUID) as a minor can jeopardize a child's future before he or she ever learns how to be a responsible adult. At Boal Law Firm, PC, in Colorado Springs, DUI defense attorney Brian B. Boal will work tirelessly to prevent a mistake like underage DUI from adversely impacting your child's life for years to come.

Work with A Lawyer Who Knows What Is At Stake

Whether your child is still in high school, in college at the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado College, UCCS, Pikes Peak Community College, or elsewhere in Colorado, an underage DUI or DUID conviction can have a severe impact on his or her future. Criminal penalties and other negative effects of a conviction can include:

  • License revocation and suspension
  • Jail time and probation
  • Fines, court fees and skyrocketing auto insurance rates
  • Suspension or expulsion from college
  • The inability to get a job that requires a criminal background check
  • Disqualification for loans and scholarships
  • Military penalties, including discharge

Brian B. Boal, a former local prosecutor, knows the tactics that police and prosecutors frequently use against minors. The most important thing you can do is not panic and immediately get the right representation for your son or daughter. Your child needs a competent and experienced defense attorney who knows how to protect their rights, giving them the best opportunity to protect their future.

Call Boal Law Firm, PC, Today to Get Legal Help For Your Child

It is important to act quickly to ensure your child has the best possible defense. Brian B. Boal can help, and he has a long track record of helping people get the benefit of alternatives to harsh traditional sentences. Schedule a free consultation today by sending the Colorado Springs law firm an email or calling at 719-602-2262.