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Man charged with vehicular homicide following Colorado crash

There are a variety of ways to legally use the roadways in Colorado. While many drivers are sensitive to and aware of the potential for collisions with motorcyclists and bicyclists in an area, bikes are nevetheless smaller in size that cars and SUVS which often makes them more difficult to see. Every year Colorado drivers are charged with vehicular homicide following crashes with motorcycles.

Sadly, according to reports a recent incident occurred in mid-August where a motorcyclist was reportedly stopped at a red light when the driver of a sports utility vehicle failed to stop in time. The SUV allegedly struck the motorcycle, killing the man riding it.

Emergency motions can reek havoc on parents and children.

In Colorado a parent who believes their child is in immediate or imminent danger while with the other parent has the right to file an emergency motion to restrict that parent's parenting time.  Upon the filing of such a motion by one parent, the parenting time of the other parent alleged to be the threat to the childrens' safety is immediately restricted pending a hearing that must occur within 14 days. 

Man accused of DUI following fatal Colorado crash

Car accidents in Colorado happen every day. In some cases, they are the result of driver confusion rather than a driver who engages in risky and illegal activities, such as driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite this, the police sometimes conclude from an on-scene invetigation into the cause of an accident that alcohol or drugs were a contributing factor. One man now faces several charges, including DUI, after police say he caused a fatal crash.

The incident happened one night in early August. Reports indicate that a 64-year-old man took the southbound access ramp to a Colorado interstate. However, police say that he exited the ramp before completing the loop, instead entering the northbound lanes while traveling south. His vehicle allegedly collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle.

Mobile breathalyzer being tested as method to avoid DUI

Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination along Colorado roadways. In addition to the possibility of being involved in an accident, a driver who has been drinking is also at risk of being arrested and charged with DUI. For some individuals, just one drink may be too much, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is looking at new ways to inform individuals when they have had too much to legally drive.

Research indicates that approximately one-third of those charged with DUI have been previously charged with the same offense. In an effort to reign in this trend and let individuals know that they have had too much to drink, CDOT is providing mobile breathalyzers to residents in three Colorado counties. In order to qualify for the program, the individual must have already been convicted of a DUI and live in one of the three counties.

Plea deal sought in vehicular homicide case

Speed limits, passing lanes and other traffic laws are in place to protect Colorado drivers. Some of these regulations seem trivial on the surface; however, when they are ignored, the results can be devastating. One Colorado man is now facing vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges in the wake of what appears to be an accident caused by failure to adhere to traffic regulations.

According to the accident report, in Dec. 2016, one Colorado driver was traveling in excess of 85 mph in a zone designated as 65 mph. The report indicates that this driver then decided to pass another driver and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic in order to do so. However, rather than safely pass the other vehicle, the driver collided with a Toyota Camry.

Does a change in circumstances merit a change in child support?

Life doesn't stop changing just because the divorce is over. At some point, you may find that certain provisions of your divorce order no longer work with the rest of your life. Often, financial changes impact child support capabilities and needs, and these changes could be significant enough to merit a court-ordered increase or decrease in the amount of child support you pay or receive each month.

There are specific legal requirements for a Colorado parent to secure a modification to an existing child support order. It is not always easy to secure these changes, but with help, you may be able to secure new terms that more effectively match your financial capabilities or your current needs.

New Colorado law increases already harsh penalties for DUI

It seems that with each passing year, laws concerning impaired driving become harsher. Penalties for DUI increase with public outcry for safer highways. While Colorado was already considered among the strictest states for dealing with impaired driving, lawmakers recently passed new legislation -- making things even tougher.

A 2015 law reclassifed any DUI offense after three or more prior convictions as a Class 4 felony. However, the new felony classification eliminated the mandatory jail sentence previously in place for fourth convictions. Instead, a judge could sentence an offender to up to six years of prison, but only after determining prison to be the most suitable option after considering factors such as the offender's willingness to participate in treatement and whether all other reasonable and appropriate sanctions have been exhausted. In other words, someone facing a third offense may receive the mandatory one year in jail, but someone convicted for a fourth DUI might avoid incarcertation depending on the circumstances.  However the fourth time offender would nevertheless be a convicted felon.

Having a plan is beneficial when negotiating child custody

If you are considering getting a divorce, there are porbably a number of different matters weighing on your mind. Given the gravity and finality of a divorce, you probably have concerns and maybe some anxiety about how to proceed, especially if there are children involved.

Child custody matters are almost always the toughest issues in the dissolution of a marraige. However, like other areas of divorce and life in general, preparation and planning are often very beneficial and will serve you well in negotiating an agreement with your spouse that is in the best interests of your kids.

Vehicular assault or homicide conviction has significant penalty

Summer holidays are often an opportunity for friends and family to gather and enjoy time together. Fishing, swimming, boating and other outdoor activities are often on the agenda. Picnic lunches with conversation and alcohol are also often a part of the agenda. Unfortunately, this combination can become a problem if an accident later occurs on a Colorado roadway and someone is injured or killed. When this happens, in addition to DUI charges, the driver can also face vehicular assault or homicide charges.

Recently, after a holiday fishing trip, the driver of a Ford Explorer apparently veered across the center lane and into boulders along the other side of the road. The Explorer came to rest in a group of trees close to the river bank. The four passengers were injured in the accident and transported to local hospitals.

Field sobriety tests are not 100 percent accurate

Colorado law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for impaired drivers. Any time a driver appears to deviate from the norm, it is possible that an officer will spot such action and decide to stop the driver. Once this occurs, if the officer suspects that the driver has been drinking, he or she will likely ask the driver to perform voluntary roadside manuevers, more commonly referred to as field sobriety tests.

One of the tests the officer may perform is the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test. Utilizing this test, the officer will analyze the movement of the driver's eyes as he or she follows a slow moving object, usually a pen light. Research indicates that officers who have been properly trained are able to accurately identify an impaired driver 88 percent of the time by utilizing this particular test.