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4-car accident leads to DUI charges

On most Friday nights, it is common for individuals to gather after a long work week. Sometimes, they go to dinner; other times they just go out for drinks. Regardless of the type of week it has been or the venue the group has chosen to unwind in, it is important that they pay attention to their alcohol consumption prior to deciding to drive on a Colorado roadway. If not, there is a possibility that one or more of them will be charged with DUI or worse.

On one recent Friday night, a suspected drunk driver apparently caused an accident involving four vehicles. The woman's activities prior to the accident are unclear; however, officers indicate that she was apparently drinking. She crashed into a Cadillac and then collided with a truck. The woman and another driver were transported to a local hospital. In this case, the driver will most likely be charged with both DUI and vehicular assault.

Will a breath test refusal cost you your driver's license?

When a police officer pulls you over in Colorado and asks you to exit your vehicle, an uneventful day can quickly become stressful. In such situations, it pays to know your rights ahead of time so you can respond to events as they unfold. Many people think they must do everything a police officer tells them to do and answer all questions asked in such circumstances. This isn't entirely true although not cooperating by refusing to give a breath or blood sample, comes with its own set of negative consequences for the driver.

All states have their own laws regarding drunk driving. In Colorado, if you get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, you must submit to chemical tests (which may include breath tests) to determine your blood alcohol content at the time. Of course, the police officer may be required to testify that he or she had probable cause to believe you were under the infulence, i.e. a reasonable basis for suspecting that you had committed the criminal offense of DUI.

Colorado DUI: Impaired driver responsible for crash

Law enforcement authorities are investigating an accident that recently occurred in Colorado Springs. They believe that impairment was a contributing factor in this collision. While it has not been reported whether any charges have been filed in this case, if the driver deemed responsible is charged, he would likely benefit from the services of an attorney who has experience handling DUI cases.

According to a local news report, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol were called to the scene of a two-vehicle crash that occurred at US-85/85 and S. Academy. The details of how this accident happened have not been released. Three people, including the driver thought responsible for this collision, were hurt and transported to an area hospital. One victim is said to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

Colorado driver charged with vehicular homicide

Friday afternoons are a great time to enjoy lunch with friends. Conversation about weekend plans and a few drinks often add to the afternoon enjoyment. However, when the drinks flow too freely and the individual has one too many, getting in the car and driving on one of Colorado's roadways can have deadly consequences. The result may be charges of drunk driving and even vehicular homicide.

On one recent Friday afternoon, a 30-year-old man allegedly had been drinking. It is not known if he had been visiting with friends; however, just after lunch time, he apparently failed to stop his vehicle at a stop sign. He then barreled into an oncoming truck. The driver of the truck, a 62-year-old man, was killed in the accident.

Students learn of the dangers of DUI

Every single day, students across Colorado drive to school. In addition to driving to school, they often drive to after-school events and activities that many teenagers participate in. For the most part, these teenage drivers adhere to traffic laws and do what they are supposed to do. However, at times, they do become distracted by what their friends are doing and sometimes do not realize the consequences that go along with drinking and driving that can lead to charges of DUI.

Recently, students at one Colorado school participated in a program that was designed to alert teenagers to the dangers of drinking and driving. Students pretended to have been involved in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver. One student supposedly lost his life as a result and several others were seriously injured.

New Colorado bill takes aim at DUI/DUID/DWAI repeat offenders

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have teamed up with the Colorado legislature in an effort to stop repeat drunk driving offenders. It is often believed that once someone has been stopped for possible DUI/DUID/DWAI that the driver would be too scared to do anything that could lead officers to once again believe that he or she was driving impaired. Unfortunately, there are times when one makes the same mistake more than once.

Currently, there is a mandatory 60 day jail term for those convicted of a third DUI/DUID/DWAI offense. In other words, whenever an individual is charged and found guilty of drunk driving, the judge has no choice but to order that the individual serve at least 60 days in jail in addition to fines and penalties imposed. However, this mandatory term appears to only apply to those convicted of a third offense.

Making Summer Work with Split Custody

Having split custody of your child is a difficult situation to be in. There are all sorts of reasons why having a split custody set-up is beneficial and worthwhile, why it makes sense for parents from all different walks of life. Having both parents involved in a child's life is ideal, and it takes a very special family and a lot of commitment on the part of both parents to work out the complex scheduling of a split custody arrangement. Everything down to what school a child attends to what sport leagues they participate in and what friends they get to spend time with after school really depends on where the child lives, and so developing a split custody arrangement in a way that benefits the child takes a lot of cooperation and sacrifice on the part of both parents.

Man charged with vehicular homicide in death of teen

One error in judgment is all it takes. Many times, an individual is not the best judge of whether he or she should be driving. A miscalculation of one's ability to legally drink and drive can have devastating consequences for all involved. If such action leads to the death of another within Colorado, it is possible that the driver will be charged with vehicular homicide.

Recently, a 52-year-old Colorado driver made a left-hand turn and apparently misjudged the situation. Rather than turning into his lane of traffic, he crashed head-on with a Dodge Stratus. The driver of the Stratus, a high school senior, died before he could receive medical assistance. Colorado law enforcement charged the surviving driver with vehicular homicide. In addition, they claim that he was drunk driving.

When Your Spouse Stops Paying Child Support

Raising a child after divorce is difficult and expensive. Fortunately, Colorado law compels both parents to provide financial support for their children when the marriage is terminated. Sadly however, some parents begin to shirk this financial responsibility, either right away or over time. When this happens, there are steps you can take to pursue the support your child needs and deserves.

Poor decisions lead to charges of vehicular assault or homicide?

Once a life has been taken, nothing can be done to bring that individual back. At this point, the Colorado family is left to grieve, find closure and begin the recovery process. For the individual accused of taking the life, however, in addition to dealing with the shock and emotional issues, there are often many legal concerns that come into play. When such an incident involves a car accident, charges of vehicular assault or homicide may be filed.

Thanksgiving 2016 brought such tragedy. As one driver was driving the wrong way on a Colorado highway, he collided with another vehicle. One 19-year-old was killed in the crash, and a 16-year-old was seriously injured. The driver on the wrong side of the highway was accused of drunk driving.