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May 2015 Archives

Marijuana breathalyzer idea promising, but concerning

Last month, as some Colorado readers may have heard, the Marijuana Investor Summit and Business Expo took place in Denver. The event, founded only last year, is aimed at bringing together investors and entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. While one can expect that there will be a lot of fluff at such an event, one interesting product was exhibited at this year’s summit by Cannabix Technologies which could prove quite useful if it makes it to market.

Issue of voluntariness (unsuccessfully) raised at license revocation hearing

Last time, we spoke a bit on the topic of challenging a drivers’ license revocation in Colorado, which is a common issue that comes up in the course of DUI defense. As we noted, there are certain types of evidence that can be tried in a revocation hearing, and these issues relate to the license revocation rather than the defendant’s DUI charge, if such a charge exists.

Challenging a license revocation in Colorado

Readers may have heard of the term implied consent or, here in Colorado, express consent. What this is referring to is the fact that drivers consent to providing a chemical test to police officers who have reasonable grounds to suspect that the driver is operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All drivers give this consent by virtue of having a driver’s license.

Governor to decide on felony DUI bill

Drunk driving is a problem whenever it occurs, but it is well-known in the criminal justice system that the offenders that are the most concerning are repeat offenders. Whereas many drunk drivers will generally clean up their act after facing DUI charges the first or second time, there are some offenders that continue repeating the same behavior over and over. These are the ones who present a more serious risk to other drivers.