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January 2016 Archives

Police DUI process involves many steps in Colorado

When people in Colorado have been convicted of drinking and driving, the consequences can be long lasting. For instance, in addition to having their reputations tarnished, these individuals may struggle to claim certain professional jobs in the future. Fortunately, those facing DUI charges are always presumed innocent unless and until their guilt is proved in court.

Uncertainty remains around impact of DUID on Colorado roads

The state of Colorado voted to make the use of recreational marijuana legal three years ago. However, not much is known regarding whether the roads in the state are actually less safe because of this move. Police efforts have largely remained focused on driving under the influence of alcohol rather than driving under the influence of drugs, or DUID.

The Complex Retirement Account Issues In a Military Divorce

Retirement benefits and accounts are hard-earned types of property or assets. When a couple decides to seek a divorce, it can be complicated in determining who is entitled to what retirement benefits and how much. However, if one or both spouses are service members, this can be further complicated. This is because there are federal laws in place specifically for servicemembers obtaining a divorce.