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March 2016 Archives

Dangers of DIY Divorce Forms

As someone considering getting a divorce, you have probably conducted a few or several online searches inquiring about your divorce options. The sheer amount of information about divorce can be very overwhelming. From law firms to start-up companies trying to commercialize the divorce process, it can easily become confusing as to what is legitimate and what is not.

Man acquitted of DUID charge in Colorado

A DUID charge was recently filed against one man in Colorado who was believed to have been driving while under the influence of drugs. However, the man facing the DUID charge was acquitted. This occurred even though a blood test reportedly showed that the 27-year-old man had more than the legal limit of the chemical THC in his body.

Proving impairment tricky in DUID case

Colorado is currently experiencing a major quandary involving driving while under the influence of drugs cases. Specifically, it is difficult for officials to determine the point at which one motorist may be deemed to be DUID after consuming marijuana. The courts in Colorado are seeing a rising number of cases where laboratory tests and a person's actual impairment do not match up.

Woman faces DUI charges following fatal motorcycle accident

One woman in Colorado is facing several serious charges related to driving under the influence. The DUI charges were filed after two motorcyclists recently died in an alleged drunk driving accident. The reported DUI accident took place on a Saturday afternoon in late February.