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May 2016 Archives

Colorado officials target DUID crimes

In Colorado, officials are trying to raise awareness about the dangers associated with driving while under the influence of drugs, abbreviated as DUID. The department of transportation in the state recently launched a brand new campaign about DUID dangers. The campaign features videos and graphics designed to address the situation.

Be Smart About Underage DUIs This Graduation Season

With graduation season here, plans for parties, celebrations and fun get-togethers are being formulated, and alcohol inevitably finds its way into many of these gatherings. If you are a high-school student, a college student under 21 or the parent of any of these young people, take stock. First and foremost, underage drinking is a bad idea across the board. Secondly, Colorado is a zero tolerance state. If you are underage and suspected of driving after drinking even a very small amount of alcohol, you may be facing quite severe penalties.