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July 2016 Archives

Woman charged with DUI after hitting parked cars

A Colorado motor vehicle collision involving several parked automobiles recently led to one woman's fourth DUI arrest. The incident allegedly involving DUI occurred on a Monday evening. Police said the woman was driving a minivan and hit seven parked cars while in a downtown parking lot.

Breathalyzers handed out as part of DUI study in Colorado

The state department of transportation in Colorado recently gave away personal Breathalyzers to drivers. This was done as a part of a study about drinking and driving. A majority of drivers are aware that they will face DUI charges if they are caught driving when their blood alcohol levels are .08 percent or greater. However, many motorists are not aware that they may also get into legal trouble for blowing anywhere from .05 percent to a .08 percent in the state of Colorado.

Can You Be Charged With DUI For Marijuana In Colorado?

Even though it is legal to possess marijuana in Colorado under state law for personal use, this doesn't mean that you are immune from driving under the influence charges if you use marijuana and drive. Marijuana and other drugs, both legal and illegal, can impair a person's ability to drive. In Colorado, you can be charged with what is informally referred to as a "DUID" for driving under the influence of drugs. One of the most common contributing factors to DUID charges is marijuana use before driving or while driving.