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August 2016 Archives

Domestic Violence, Divorce, and Protection Orders

The areas of family law and criminal defense frequently intersect when it comes to domestic violence matters. When a spouse or parent makes allegations of domestic abuse or child abuse, it quite often affects the judge's decision about which parent gets what court-ordered parenting rights and responsibilities. In Colorado, a spouse or partner who has reason to believe they are in "imminent danger" due to the other spouse/partner may file a motion with the court for a temporary restraining order. A temporary restraining order is issued without a hearing or opportunity for the accused spouse/partner to respond or present any evidence that the allegations are untrue. After a temporary restraining order is issued, the parties must appear before the court within fourteen (14) days for a hearing on whether the temporary restraining order will be made a permanent protection order against the accused spouse or partner.

DUI charge filed against woman after traffic stop

One woman is facing a charge for driving under the influence in Colorado following a traffic stop. Police initially pulled the woman over because she had a broken headlight, but they ended up arresting her for DUI. The incident took place on a recent Thursday morning in August.

Man charged with DUI, vehicular homicide following girl's death

A man in Colorado was recently accused of driving under the influence and causing a fatal accident as a result. He now faces several charges, including DUI and vehicular homicide. The accused man is 20 years old and a former high school star athlete.

Man pleads guilty to DUI for sixth time

One man in Colorado recently pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and has received probation. He has five previous DUI convictions. Some people in Colorado have expressed their feelings that the mandatory punishment for DUI in the state should be stricter for repeat offenders.

Vehicular assault or homicide charge may result from alleged DUID

One man has been arrested in Colorado after allegedly striking and killing a girl. Police said the accident occurred due to driving while under the influence of drugs. Any person facing vehicular assault or homicide charges in connection with DUID is always presumed innocent unless and until he or she is proved guilty in a court of law.