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September 2016 Archives

DUID law gives jury power to decide when it comes to marijuana

A Colorado law that went info effect in 2013 permits a judge or jury to infer that a motorist was driving under the influence of marijuana if a test of their blood reveals a level of five nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in the driver's system at or around the time of the stop by law enforcement. 

Military Divorce in Colorado and Complex Issues

Divorce is never easy, but divorces involving service members with civilian spouses can raise some additional issues. Before you officially file for divorce or legal separation, familiarize yourself with issues commonly impacting military divorces to help yourself understand how to best move forward with separation.

Man accused of DUI multiple times sentenced to prison

A man in Colorado will face prison time after having been convicted of driving under the influence multiple times. Most recently, the man is said to have caused a vehicle crash that led to injuries to a man, 83. The man accused of DUI is 33 years old.

Man accused of DUI drives into park

A man in Colorado is currently facing charges of driving under the influence following a motor vehicle accident. The accident occurred on a recent Wednesday. At the time of the accident, the license of the driver had already been revoked due to previous DUI convictions.

Man faces 7th DUI charge

Several people were arrested in one Colorado city over a recent weekend in August. For one of these individuals, however, being arrested for driving under the influence was nothing new. According to police, one of the men arrested was a seven-time DUI offender.