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Woman receives 20-year sentence following fatal DUI accident

A Colorado woman from Parker was accused of killing two motorcyclists last year and seriously injuring another due to driving while intoxicated and texting. She later pleaded guilty in connection with the DUI accident. In light of her plea, the 28-year-old was recently sentenced to 20 years behind prison bars.

The accident occurred when the woman was driving southbound on Highway 83 and suddenly crossed the median and hit two motorcyclists. One of the bikes was carrying a man, while the other bike was carrying a couple. The couple were both killed in the accident, while the man on the other bike suffered injuries.

The accused woman at the accident scene told police that she had consumed alcohol and smoked marijuana prior to the collision. She also admitted that she checked a text message right before the accident happened. The woman entered a guilty plea to driving while intoxicated and vehicular homicide (two class-three felonies). The crimes carried a sentence of no more than 24 years, along with fines totaling $750,000.

Those facing a DUI charge have the right to contest the accusations at trial. In every case, prosecutors must prove each and every element of any formal charges beyond a reasonable doubt and by relevant and appropriate evidence before any criminal conviction is possible. In some cases, the weight of the evidence to be offered by prosecutors at trial suggests that it may be more expedient to seek negotiations for a plea bargain. A plea agreement might lead to lesser charges or a lighter sentence from a Colorado court than might be imposed should a conviction be secured at trial.

Source:, "Driver who killed motorcyclists sentenced to 20 years in prison", Tom Skelley, Jan. 20, 2017

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