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Woman sentenced to jail for 6th DUI

A woman in Colorado has been sentenced to both jail time and probation in connection with drinking and driving. The sentencing came after her sixth conviction for DUI. She is 58 years old.

The woman was sentenced to 90 days in jail back in Jan. 2015 after she entered a guilty plea for her fifth DUI. That charge was filed after she struck the back of a police car while drinking and driving. During her sentencing for her fifth DUI, a judge suspended a jail sentence of 365 days pending successful completion of three years of probation.

However, she was taken into custody last August for a sixth DUI -- while she was on probation for the fifth conviction. She was recently sentenced to 90 days and 10 years probation and then was sentenced to an additional year in jail. The additional jail sentence was imposed because the woman did not meet the terms of her probation related to conviction in 2015. 

Those facing DUI charges in Colorado are presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in criminal court. The prosecution must prove the formal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. A close look at the evidence that the prosecution plans to present at trial to support the allegations will likely be a chief area of focus for defense counsel. The criminal defense will push for the most favorable outcome for the client considering the circumstances surrounding the case, while also seeking to ensure that all of the client's legal rights are fully protected throughout the course of the criminal proceedings.

Source:, "More jail for Aspen woman convicted of 6th DUI", Jason Auslander, Jan. 25, 2017

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