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Teenager arrested for DUI in Colorado

A teenager in Colorado currently faces several criminal charges, including driving under the influence. Police recently arrested the boy, 17, after they said he fell asleep at the wheel two times and backed into a police car. The incident occurred in the early morning hours on a Saturday.

At around 1:30 a.m., somebody reported to police that the boy fell asleep in his motor vehicle at a boulevard and again at a road. Each time, he reportedly woke up eventually and drove away. Authorities ended up spotting him at another street, where he was allegedly sleeping again.

When police woke the boy up, he reportedly reversed his car and backed into the police vehicle. Police said he then attempted to run, but they were able to catch him quickly. The teenager now faces traffic charges including DUI and hit-and-run.

A person facing a charge of DUI has the right to go to trial if he or she believes this to be in his or her best interests. At trial, the prosecution has to prove the charge by evidence that is both appropriate and relevant before a criminal conviction is possible. In some cases, the prosecution's potential evidence carries enough weight to suggest to the defendant the need to seek negotiations for a plea deal. If available, a plea agreement might lead to reduced charges or a lighter sentence from the Colorado court. The criminal defense will strive to make sure that all of the defendant's applicable rights are upheld whether the client ends up going to trial or striking a plea deal.

Source:, "Teenager arrested for drunk driving after backing into police car", Rachel Riley, Jan. 28, 2017

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