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Woman faces DUI charge after crashing into police car

A woman in Colorado was recently accused of drinking and driving. Her DUI charge came following a vehicle accident in a downtown area. The car crash involved a police vehicle.

The motor vehicle collision took place at around 2 a.m. According to police, the woman was driving a pickup truck in an eastward direction along an avenue. All of a sudden, the woman, 22, hit the police car. The police car was heading south on a different avenue.

The police officer suffered minor injuries in the collision. He was transported to the hospital for the treatment of his injuries. Nobody in the pickup truck suffered injuries in the crash.

Even though the woman faces a DUI charge, she is still presumed innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove her guilt in criminal court. The prosecution in Colorado must prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can be handed down against her. However, instead of going to trial to fight the charge, the woman may opt to pursue the negotiation of a plea deal with prosecutors, which may yield a lesser charge and therefore a lighter and more personally favorable sentence. In either situation, defense counsel will make sure that none of the client's relevant rights are violated during her criminal proceedings. A close examination of the evidence that prosecutors plan to furnish in support of their allegation may very well be a major area of concentration for the criminal defense; for example, the criminal defense may question the accuracy of any results obtained from a roadside breath test at the time of the defendant's arrest.

Source:, "Woman facing DUI charge after crashing into Colorado Springs police cruiser", Chhun Sun, Feb. 5, 2017

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