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DUI arrest takes place after crash involving police car

An arrest for driving under the influence took place following a recent accident in the state of Colorado. The collision took place on a Friday night. According to police, the man who was arrested for DUI had crashed his car into a police car while under the influence.

Police said that the man, 30, was driving his motor vehicle at a little past 10 p.m. That is when he allegedly rear-ended a patrol car that was parked in a lane on the road on which he was driving. At the time of the crash, the police car had its lights activated, as police were investigating a separate crash.

A police officer who was in the parked patrol car was transported to the hospital. He ended up being released from the facility with injuries deemed to be minor. However, authorities said the crash caused major damage to the police officer's car. The 30-year-old man now faces charges of DUI as well as other traffic offenses.

Those who are facing DUI charges in the state of Colorado reserve the right to go to trial to fight these allegations vigorously. However, alternatively, they may pursue negotiations for a plea agreement with the prosecution. A plea deal might be beneficial in that it may lead to a lighter charge and/or a more lenient sentence than what would result from a guilty verdict at trial. In either scenario, the criminal defense will work to ensure that all of the client's applicable rights are upheld during the criminal proceeding.

Source:, "Suspected drunken driver hits police car, causes significant damage", Rachel Riley, March 25, 2017

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