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Man arrested for DUI after hitting buildings, parked cars

A man in Colorado has been accused of drinking and driving. The alleged DUI accident took place on a recent Saturday. The man facing a DUI charge is 29 years old.

The crash took place at around 6:30 a.m. According to police, the man was driving a motor vehicle while drunk and ended up striking two vehicles. Police said the man also hit two buildings.

The man also reportedly struck an electrical box, which caused two establishments to lose power. No one was injured in the car crash. The man currently faces a charge of DUI along with several other traffic violations.

Consequences for a DUI conviction in Colorado include the revocation of a license, a fine, jail time, community service and required alcohol education. However, a charge of driving under the influence has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can occur. This standard is in place to prevent innocent individuals from being convicted of crimes they did not do. The defense counsel will carefully analyze the evidence that prosecutor's plan to provide to determine the best way to proceed before the criminal court, which may be to proceed to trial to vigorously fight the allegations or to pursue negotiations for a plea deal, which, if available, might lead to reduced charges and therefore a lighter sentence from the court. Whether the client goes to trial or seeks a plea deal, the criminal defense will ensure that all of his or her relevant rights are protected during the criminal proceedings.

Source:, "Driver arrested after hitting two parked vehicles, buildings in south Colorado Springs", Chhun Sun, March 18, 2017

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