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Man faces DUI charge following accident that injures girl

A recent alleged drunk driving accident sent one girl to the hospital in Colorado. The accident involved two motor vehicles. The man who is said to have caused the reported DUI accident now faces criminal charges.

The 7-year-old girl's mother was driving a minivan one day when the man's vehicle allegedly struck her automobile. The mother reported that the collision caused the minivan to collide with a fence. The collision happened so quickly that she doesn't even remember exactly what happened. The mother ended up in a neck brace. Sadly, her daughter may never be able to walk again.

The girl suffered bleeding on her brain along with a broken neck, leg and back as a result of the crash. The man who caused the accident is 24 years old and was allegedly driving a stolen car at the time of the collision. The many charges he faces include DUI and vehicular assault.

When people are accused of DUI in Colorado, it is within their rights to go to trial to fight the charges. As an alternative, they might choose to pursue plea deals with the prosecution, if available. Usually the terms of a plea agreement that the government offers depend upon the strength of the prosecution's case. When the evidence is strong, a plea bargain might offer the advantage of a more lenient sentence than what would typically be rendered should a conviction occur at trial. Either way, defense counsel will fight to protect the accused individual's legal rights while pursing the best available result under the circumstances.

Source: CBS Denver, "Alleged DUI Driver Hits, Critically Injures Little Girl", Feb. 24, 2017

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