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Signatures that certified DUI machines were allegedly forged

A former worker at a lab at Colorado's Department of Health recently reported that his signature was forged multiple times so that the state could start using hundreds of breath testing machines. These machines are used to determine if people may have been committed DUI crimes. Due to the former lab worker's recent report, Governor Hickenlooper has been asked to intervene by arranging an independent investigation into the Intoxilyzer 9000's certifications.

The former lab worker was with the health department for five years and now refers to himself as a whistleblower. He claims that the deadline pressure was great when the Intoxilyzer 9000 devices were first used. As a result, the machines were reportedly certified as being accurate by civilians who were not trained in the certification of these devices. These civilians allegedly did not even work for the health department.

Because the former lab worker's signature was reportedly forged repeatedly on official forms, a whopping 150 machines may have been falsely certified as being properly calibrated and accurate. He asserts that this took place because it would not have been possible for him to certify all of the devices in the short window of time allotted before the devices were put in use. As a result of the report, a shadow has been cast on the breath tests used in DUI cases in Colorado since 2013.

Although drivers in Colorado may be pulled over and arrested for DUI, this does not mean they are necessarily guilty of driving under the influence. Prosecutors must prove each element of any pending DUI charges beyond a reasonable doubt -- a burden that is often difficult to meet. Only then can a conviction be secured. The criminal defense team will strive to ensure that all of the defendant's rights are safeguarded during every stage of the proceedings while fighting for the best result possible.

Source: CBS Denver, "Whistleblower: Signatures Certifying DUI Machines Were Forged", Brian Maass and Mark Ackerman, March 10, 2017

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