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Woman convicted of 7th DUI

A woman in Colorado was given one more opportunity to straighten out her life after recently being convicted of drinking and driving for the seventh time. The woman, 37 years old, could have been sent to prison for up to 14 years had a judge determined it was appropriate. However, the judge instead decided to sentence her to 60 days in jail and a work release with respect to her felony DUI.

The recent DUI conviction was the woman's seventh one since 1997. The sentence she ended up receiving is a treatment-oriented one, but she will end up in prison if she violates the terms of the court's sentencing order. It is said that her current sentence will save taxpayers $40,000 a year in incarceration costs.

The latest conviction stems from an accident that took place last July, where she was driving a motor vehicle and left the roadway before crashing into a car. At the time of the crash, the woman's blood alcohol content was two times the legal limit. There was also a prescription drug in the woman's system.

Just because someone is charged with a DUI in Colorado does not mean he or she is automatically guilty. Prosecutors have to prove a defendant's guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be secured. As an alternative to going to trial, a defendant may opt to seek to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution, which may lead to lesser charges and thus a lighter sentence than what would result from a finding of guilt at trial.

Source:, "Lake County judge gives Avon woman one more chance", Randy Wyrick, March 1, 2017

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