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DUI conviction may spell death sentence for job opportunities

A conviction for driving under the influence may unfortunately have an adverse impact on the convicted person's career. Even a DUI charge that does not result in conviction can still affect career prospects. This is true especially for those who hold commercial driver's licenses to do their jobs. Fortunately, those accused of drunk driving in the state of Colorado have the right to go to court to fight these allegations vigorously.

According to the federal courts, the Civil Rights Act of 1964's Title VII actually makes it illegal for employers to avoid employing job applicants with DUI convictions unless a compelling business-related reason for doing so can be proved. In fact, the state of Colorado is one of just 14 states with legal standards in place that require employers to prove the job position relevance of given convictions. However, interpreting this act at the state level can sometimes to be tricky due to ambiguity.

In addition, the majority of applicants do not really know what happens behind the closed doors of a company when they put in an application for a job there. Having a criminal record featuring a DUI might not necessarily prevent an applicant from being considered for a job. However, it might factor into the company's decision to hire the individual, with the DUI record being perceived as a character flaw.

Being charged with a DUI can understandably be scary for those trying to make a living. However, a DUI does not spell an immediate death sentence for job opportunities in the future. Every element of the charge has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt -- a burden that can be challenging for prosecutors to meet -- before a conviction can be secured in the state of Colorado.

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