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MADD fears that later bar closing times will lead to more DUI

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, is currently criticizing a bill aimed at allowing bars in the state of Colorado to remain open later. The organization is speaking out against this bill for fear that it will only promote DUI accidents. The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and Colorado State Patrol have also expressed their displeasure with this bill.

Right now, the closing time for bars in Colorado is 2 a.m., although a few casinos are allowed to provide alcohol 24-7. With the new bill, known as HB17-1123, every city in the state would be able to determine its own bar closing time. Supporters believe that this will actually make things easier for police, as drunk drivers will not all be on the road at the same time every morning.

Opponents, such as MADD, however, claim that allowing people to drink for longer periods will only increase the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents involving drunk driving. According to MADD, the current 2 a.m. time prevents people from barhopping in an effort to get drinks at bars that close later. They claim that the desire to get that one final drink often leads to driving while intoxicated.

Authorities are generally not lenient when it comes to DUI in the state of Colorado, so naturally, it can be frightening to be pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. However, unless guilt can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, no conviction can take place. Closely examining the prosecutor's evidence in an effort to poke holes in the prosecution's case may very well be a major area of concentration for defense counsel during this type of criminal proceeding.

Source:, "Law enforcement speak out against bill to allow bars to stay open later", Anica Padilla, March 23, 2017

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