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Man faces DUI charge following fatal accident

An alleged drunk driving crash recently took a high school student's life in Colorado. The accident happened on a Friday night. The man who is believed to have caused the reported DUI accident is 52 years old and currently faces serious criminal charges.

Police believe that the man was inebriated when he was driving east on a road the night of the crash. The man reportedly turned in front of approaching traffic at an intersection and ended up striking a car that a man, age 18, was driving. The teen did have a safety belt on but died in the collision.

The reportedly drunk man also wore a seat belt and suffered no injuries. According to court records, this man was previously charged with DUI two times back in 1993. However, these two cases ended up being dismissed. He currently faces charges of drunk driving as well as vehicular homicide.

When a driver in Colorado is charged with DUI, he or she may proceed to trial to vigorously contest the accusations, particularly since a conviction can result in a number of negative consequences in the short and long term. At trial, prosecutors have to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction is possible. Alternatively, the defendant might decide to pursue a plea deal with the prosecution, if one is available. The terms of a plea deal usually depend on the strength of the evidence that the government has to present. When the evidence is stronger, a plea deal might offer the advantage of leading to lighter sentence that what would normally be rendered should a criminal conviction be earned at trial.

Source:, "Previous DUI charges dismissed against suspected drunk driver", Andy Koen, April 17, 2017

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