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May 2017 Archives

4-car accident leads to DUI charges

On most Friday nights, it is common for individuals to gather after a long work week. Sometimes, they go to dinner; other times they just go out for drinks. Regardless of the type of week it has been or the venue the group has chosen to unwind in, it is important that they pay attention to their alcohol consumption prior to deciding to drive on a Colorado roadway. If not, there is a possibility that one or more of them will be charged with DUI or worse.

Will a breath test refusal cost you your driver's license?

When a police officer pulls you over in Colorado and asks you to exit your vehicle, an uneventful day can quickly become stressful. In such situations, it pays to know your rights ahead of time so you can respond to events as they unfold. Many people think they must do everything a police officer tells them to do and answer all questions asked in such circumstances. This isn't entirely true although not cooperating by refusing to give a breath or blood sample, comes with its own set of negative consequences for the driver.

Colorado DUI: Impaired driver responsible for crash

Law enforcement authorities are investigating an accident that recently occurred in Colorado Springs. They believe that impairment was a contributing factor in this collision. While it has not been reported whether any charges have been filed in this case, if the driver deemed responsible is charged, he would likely benefit from the services of an attorney who has experience handling DUI cases.

Colorado driver charged with vehicular homicide

Friday afternoons are a great time to enjoy lunch with friends. Conversation about weekend plans and a few drinks often add to the afternoon enjoyment. However, when the drinks flow too freely and the individual has one too many, getting in the car and driving on one of Colorado's roadways can have deadly consequences. The result may be charges of drunk driving and even vehicular homicide.