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June 2017 Archives

Breathalyzers and blood alcohol tests

The legal standard throughout Colorado and America in general is that a person is innocent until and unless proven guilty. The presumption of innocence is a constiuationally-guaranteed right of all Americans, and while this is a noble concept, it is unfortunately a standard that -- though often talked about -- causes one to wonder if it is actually being practiced. One example of this concerns Breathalyzers used as a form of blood alcohol testing.

Drafting a prenup is not planning for a marriage to fail

Engagement is an exciting time for Colorado couples as they plan a wedding and begin to make plans to start their lives as a married couple. During this time of preparation, few people want to think about the possibility that it will not last, but it can be quite practical to plan for certain contingencies in the future.

Vehicular homicide charge results in 12-year prison sentence

In seconds, your life can be altered by the bad decision to drink and drive, and you can find yourself in a hospital bed or jail sell facing criminal charges as a defendant Colorado's criminal justice system. What's worse, the bad decision can result in the loss of someone else's life. Too often a choice to drink and drive ends with the death of an innocent motorist, cyclist or pedestrian and charges of vehicular homicide for the intoxicated driver.

Division of property can be a sticky ordeal during divorce

Divorce is hardly ever an easy process no matter how long or short of a time you have been married. The legal issues that tend to cause the most headaches during this type of family law proceeding are marital property and debt division.

Summer season kicks off season of DUI checkpoints

Holiday weekends, family barbecues and summer picnics are here. Along with these relaxing, fun-filled activities come good food, friends and social drinking. While this may be a great combination at the time, once it is time to go home, unless a designated driver has been appointed, there may be a problem. Colorado law enforcement has publicized the fact that they will be utilizing DUI checkpoints throughout the summer season as one way to curb drinking and driving.

Blood alcohol tests and express consent

Every morning thousands of drivers start their day just like you. They get into  and start their car, pull onto the road, and head toward their particular destination. Presumably these individuals have a driver's license and know how to drive, but this is not always the case. The state of Colorado makes is called express consent.  That means by simply conducting the act of driving, the driver gives law enforcement permission to require said driver to submit to a blood alcohol tests or breath test to determine intoxication.  This law has the same force and effect whether the driver is aware of it or not.  Failure to comply for first time offenders resultes in the loss of the driver's license for one year.