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Is your ex violating your parenting agreement?

After spending lots of time and energy negotiating a parenting agreement with your ex, you expect or at least hope that he or she will abide by what they agreed to. Unfortunately this is frequently not the case. Court proceedings end. Life goes on and things change.

Are you hoping to modify your parenting orders or agreement?

Going through your divorce may have been one of the most difficult experiences of your life. Understand that your divorce worked hardship on your children as well who had to deal with many difficult life changes as your marriage ended. Even though you did your best to make the changes easier on the kids, you may have nevertheless worried about their welfare. After all it is natural for good parents to be concerned about their children's best interests.

Emergency motions can reek havoc on parents and children.

In Colorado a parent who believes their child is in immediate or imminent danger while with the other parent has the right to file an emergency motion to restrict that parent's parenting time.  Upon the filing of such a motion by one parent, the parenting time of the other parent alleged to be the threat to the childrens' safety is immediately restricted pending a hearing that must occur within 14 days. 

Does a change in circumstances merit a change in child support?

Life doesn't stop changing just because the divorce is over. At some point, you may find that certain provisions of your divorce order no longer work with the rest of your life. Often, financial changes impact child support capabilities and needs, and these changes could be significant enough to merit a court-ordered increase or decrease in the amount of child support you pay or receive each month.

Having a plan is beneficial when negotiating child custody

If you are considering getting a divorce, there are porbably a number of different matters weighing on your mind. Given the gravity and finality of a divorce, you probably have concerns and maybe some anxiety about how to proceed, especially if there are children involved.

Drafting a prenup is not planning for a marriage to fail

Engagement is an exciting time for Colorado couples as they plan a wedding and begin to make plans to start their lives as a married couple. During this time of preparation, few people want to think about the possibility that it will not last, but it can be quite practical to plan for certain contingencies in the future.

Division of property can be a sticky ordeal during divorce

Divorce is hardly ever an easy process no matter how long or short of a time you have been married. The legal issues that tend to cause the most headaches during this type of family law proceeding are marital property and debt division.

Making Summer Work with Split Custody

Having split custody of your child is a difficult situation to be in. There are all sorts of reasons why having a split custody set-up is beneficial and worthwhile, why it makes sense for parents from all different walks of life. Having both parents involved in a child's life is ideal, and it takes a very special family and a lot of commitment on the part of both parents to work out the complex scheduling of a split custody arrangement. Everything down to what school a child attends to what sport leagues they participate in and what friends they get to spend time with after school really depends on where the child lives, and so developing a split custody arrangement in a way that benefits the child takes a lot of cooperation and sacrifice on the part of both parents.

When Your Spouse Stops Paying Child Support

Raising a child after divorce is difficult and expensive. Fortunately, Colorado law compels both parents to provide financial support for their children when the marriage is terminated. Sadly however, some parents begin to shirk this financial responsibility, either right away or over time. When this happens, there are steps you can take to pursue the support your child needs and deserves.