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New Colorado law increases already harsh penalties for DUI

It seems that with each passing year, laws concerning impaired driving become harsher. Penalties for DUI increase with public outcry for safer highways. While Colorado was already considered among the strictest states for dealing with impaired driving, lawmakers recently passed new legislation -- making things even tougher.

Summer brings increased DUI patrols

Expect to see local police and Colorado State Patrol out in force again over the coming weekend as well as the remainder of summer. Colorado law enforcement officers are once again ramping up their efforts to reduce drunk driving across the state. As such, they will be out and about looking for those whom they suspect of DUI.

Summer season kicks off season of DUI checkpoints

Holiday weekends, family barbecues and summer picnics are here. Along with these relaxing, fun-filled activities come good food, friends and social drinking. While this may be a great combination at the time, once it is time to go home, unless a designated driver has been appointed, there may be a problem. Colorado law enforcement has publicized the fact that they will be utilizing DUI checkpoints throughout the summer season as one way to curb drinking and driving.

4-car accident leads to DUI charges

On most Friday nights, it is common for individuals to gather after a long work week. Sometimes, they go to dinner; other times they just go out for drinks. Regardless of the type of week it has been or the venue the group has chosen to unwind in, it is important that they pay attention to their alcohol consumption prior to deciding to drive on a Colorado roadway. If not, there is a possibility that one or more of them will be charged with DUI or worse.

Colorado DUI: Impaired driver responsible for crash

Law enforcement authorities are investigating an accident that recently occurred in Colorado Springs. They believe that impairment was a contributing factor in this collision. While it has not been reported whether any charges have been filed in this case, if the driver deemed responsible is charged, he would likely benefit from the services of an attorney who has experience handling DUI cases.

Students learn of the dangers of DUI

Every single day, students across Colorado drive to school. In addition to driving to school, they often drive to after-school events and activities that many teenagers participate in. For the most part, these teenage drivers adhere to traffic laws and do what they are supposed to do. However, at times, they do become distracted by what their friends are doing and sometimes do not realize the consequences that go along with drinking and driving that can lead to charges of DUI.

New Colorado bill takes aim at DUI/DUID/DWAI repeat offenders

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have teamed up with the Colorado legislature in an effort to stop repeat drunk driving offenders. It is often believed that once someone has been stopped for possible DUI/DUID/DWAI that the driver would be too scared to do anything that could lead officers to once again believe that he or she was driving impaired. Unfortunately, there are times when one makes the same mistake more than once.

Consider the costs of a first-time Colorado DUI conviction

Virtually no one plans to face criminal charges related to drinking and driving, yet these legal issues are not uncommon among Colorado residents. A recent article looked at the cost of a first-time DUI conviction in the state, and the results may surprise many readers. The information in the article was provided by a commander of the Colorado State Patrol and based on his years of experience in the field.

Spring events can lead to possible DUI/DUID/DWAI charges

Springtime brings with it a number of holidays and events. Each year, Colorado residents gather to celebrate at a variety of festivals, parties and parades. For many, this celebration also includes a drink or two. Colorado law enforcement has issued a reminder that they will be out in force looking for those who have celebrated a little too much and are possibly in violation of DUI/DUID/DWAI laws.

Colorado driver crashes into house -- charged with DUI/DUID/DWAI

Car accidents can be a scary thing. One minute the individual is driving down the street, and the next minute, disaster strikes. Perhaps another car veers into one's path, or perhaps a child or animal runs in front of the vehicle. Either way, the result is the same; there is a crash, and Colorado law enforcement is called to the scene. As a part of their normal routine, law enforcement will investigate the cause of the accident and look for the possibility of a DUI/DUID/DWAI being involved.