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Vehicular Assault or Homicide Archives

Man charged with vehicular homicide following Colorado crash

There are a variety of ways to legally use the roadways in Colorado. While many drivers are sensitive to and aware of the potential for collisions with motorcyclists and bicyclists in an area, bikes are nevetheless smaller in size that cars and SUVS which often makes them more difficult to see. Every year Colorado drivers are charged with vehicular homicide following crashes with motorcycles.

Plea deal sought in vehicular homicide case

Speed limits, passing lanes and other traffic laws are in place to protect Colorado drivers. Some of these regulations seem trivial on the surface; however, when they are ignored, the results can be devastating. One Colorado man is now facing vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges in the wake of what appears to be an accident caused by failure to adhere to traffic regulations.

Vehicular assault or homicide conviction has significant penalty

Summer holidays are often an opportunity for friends and family to gather and enjoy time together. Fishing, swimming, boating and other outdoor activities are often on the agenda. Picnic lunches with conversation and alcohol are also often a part of the agenda. Unfortunately, this combination can become a problem if an accident later occurs on a Colorado roadway and someone is injured or killed. When this happens, in addition to DUI charges, the driver can also face vehicular assault or homicide charges.

Vehicular homicide charge results in 12-year prison sentence

In seconds, your life can be altered by the bad decision to drink and drive, and you can find yourself in a hospital bed or jail sell facing criminal charges as a defendant Colorado's criminal justice system. What's worse, the bad decision can result in the loss of someone else's life. Too often a choice to drink and drive ends with the death of an innocent motorist, cyclist or pedestrian and charges of vehicular homicide for the intoxicated driver.

Colorado driver charged with vehicular homicide

Friday afternoons are a great time to enjoy lunch with friends. Conversation about weekend plans and a few drinks often add to the afternoon enjoyment. However, when the drinks flow too freely and the individual has one too many, getting in the car and driving on one of Colorado's roadways can have deadly consequences. The result may be charges of drunk driving and even vehicular homicide.

Man charged with vehicular homicide in death of teen

One error in judgment is all it takes. Many times, an individual is not the best judge of whether he or she should be driving. A miscalculation of one's ability to legally drink and drive can have devastating consequences for all involved. If such action leads to the death of another within Colorado, it is possible that the driver will be charged with vehicular homicide.

Poor decisions lead to charges of vehicular assault or homicide?

Once a life has been taken, nothing can be done to bring that individual back. At this point, the Colorado family is left to grieve, find closure and begin the recovery process. For the individual accused of taking the life, however, in addition to dealing with the shock and emotional issues, there are often many legal concerns that come into play. When such an incident involves a car accident, charges of vehicular assault or homicide may be filed.

Sentencing can be harsh in vehicular assault or homicide cases

When a Colorado resident is accused of a serious criminal charge, the need to seek immediate and aggressive legal defense services cannot be overstated. If a conviction is obtained on vehicular assault or homicide cases, sentencing can be devastating. An example is found in a recent case in which a man was sentenced for his role in the death of his 6-year-old niece.

Driver charged with vehicular assault or homicide

Colorado drivers have to make a variety of decisions each time they drive. They must decide which way to travel to their destinations as well as which traffic laws they will adhere to. When one makes the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she also makes the decision to be responsible for the consequences that result from his or her actions. Unfortunately, sometimes a decision is made that has tragic consequences and results in charges of vehicular assault or homicide.

Vehicular assault or homicide charge may stem from DUI accident

A woman in Colorado recently lost her life in a hit-and-run vehicle crash that police said was caused by drunk driving. Now, authorities are investigating a man on charges of vehicular homicide. When a person is charged with vehicular assault or homicide following a DUI accident, he or she is still presumed innocent until and unless his or her guilt can be proved in a court of law.